Organic Super Soil Mix upgrades your soil, ensuring you of strong vegetative growth and heavy luscious flowers. Without the need for extra added nutrients or fancy growth boosters – just watering your crop is enough.

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I need to VEG longer then 3 weeks?

Soma’s Sacred Super Soil Mix works best in 25 liter pots. This size container will ensure that your plants have enough nutrients available until harvest time, while just adding water and a weekly tea. If you need to Veg for a longer period, for example when growing outdoors, we recommend to gradually increase the size of your pots over time and to add fresh Soma’s Sacred Super Soil Mix to your pots with every transplant until the desired size of pot is reached. To ensure your plants are not stressed to much during transplanting add Soma’s Sacred Mycorhizza to every new potting hole.

Chlorine Free Water

To keep all benefical microbes and bacteria alive and kicking make sure to never use chlorinated water. Let your water sit for 24 hours so the chlorine can naturally evaporate and the water is now safe for use on your super soil and plants.