These products are used by Soma’s team on a daily bases. These teas mixes and substrates have been put to the test by the best with great results, producing flowers that smell lovely and look the part, abundant harvests and happy growers. 

Compost tea mix 
For strong vegatative and Flowering Growth. Mix your own and use this tea for watering and watch your plants flourish. You can make as much as you need and save the left over tea for later waterings. 

Super Soil Mix
upgrades your soil, ensuring you of strong vegatative growth and heavy luscious flowers. Without the need for extra added nutrients or fancy growth boosters – just watering your crop is enough. 

Tea Brewer

The Compost Tea Brewing Kit is the complete plug-and-play system to make the richest most nutrient dense compost tea for our plant friends.

Compost Tea

A natural mix to create your own compost tea. For every watering to be ensured of strong flowering plants.